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Xu Hướng 10/2023 # Lỗi The Application Was Unable To Start Correctly 0Xc00007B # Top 14 Xem Nhiều

Bạn đang xem bài viết Lỗi The Application Was Unable To Start Correctly 0Xc00007B được cập nhật mới nhất tháng 10 năm 2023 trên website Gqut.edu.vn. Hy vọng những thông tin mà chúng tôi đã chia sẻ là hữu ích với bạn. Nếu nội dung hay, ý nghĩa bạn hãy chia sẻ với bạn bè của mình và luôn theo dõi, ủng hộ chúng tôi để cập nhật những thông tin mới nhất.

Nguyên nhân gây ra lỗi the application was unable to start correctly 0xc00007b thường là do ứng dụng đó bị thiếu File cài đặt, hoặc do phần mềm trên máy tính của bạn đang bị lỗi. Tuy nhiên, cũng có thể là do lỗi xung đột phần mềm diệt virus bên thứ 3 gây ra.

Lỗi the application was unable to start correctly 0xc00007b

Ngoài ra, có một số phần mềm cần sử dụng .NET framework 3.5 thì mới có thể chạy được. Do đó, nếu như máy tính của bạn thiếu .NET framework 3.5 thì cũng sẽ gây ra lỗi the application was unable to start correctly 0xc00007b. Bạn cũng nên kiểm tra lại máy tính của mình xem đã được cài đặt đầy đủ .NET framework 3.5, Visual C ++ chưa. Nếu như máy tính của bạn chưa được cài đặt Visual C ++ thì bạn cũng nên cài đặt đầy đủ Visual C ++.

Để chắc chắn xem máy tính của bạn có bị xung đột phần mềm gây ra lỗi the application was unable to start correctly 0xc00007b hay không, thì bạn hãy khởi động (Reset) lại máy tính Windows của mình. Nếu như máy tính của bạn bị xung đột phần mềm, thì sau khi bạn khởi động lại máy tính, phần mềm của bạn sẽ mở lại được như bình thường.

Có một số ứng dụng yêu cầu máy tính phải cài đặt .NET framework 3.5 thì mới có thể sử dụng được. Do đó, nếu như máy tính Windows của bạn chưa cài đặt .NET framework 3.5 thì sẽ gây ra lỗi the application was unable to start correctly 0xc00007b.

Để có thể cài đặt .NET framework 3.5 thì bạn có thể sử dụng phần mềm All in one Runtimes, đây là phần mềm giúp tự động cài đặt .NET framework 3.5, Visual C ++ lên máy tính của bạn.

Bước 1: Bạn hãy tiến hành tải và cài đặt phần mềm All in one Runtimes về máy tính của mình.

Bạn hãy kiên nhẫn chờ đợi quá trình cài đặt được hoàn thành. Sau khi đã cài đặt xong, bạn hãy tiến hành khởi động lại máy tính của mình. Tiếp theo, bạn hãy tiến hành mở ứng dụng bình thường.

Lỗi the application was unable to start correctly 0xc00007b thường xảy ra do bị thiếu một file nào đó. Do đó, cách khắc phục nhanh nhất là bạn hãy tiến hành cài đặt lại ứng dụng đó.

Thông thường khi nâng cấp ứng dụng có thể sẽ gây ra tình trạng bị xung đột, ứng dụng không hoạt động được. Vì thế, bạn cần gỡ ứng dụng và cài lại ứng dụng đó như bình thường, đây là cách khắc phục hiệu quả nhất mà bạn nên thực hiện.

Máy tính Windows sau một thời gian sử dụng có thể sẽ gây ra một số lỗi xung đột. Do đó, bạn nên cập nhật lên phiên bản Windows mới nhất, những bản cập nhật Windows mới sẽ được cập nhật những bản vá lỗi, từ đó giúp cho máy tính của bạn chạy trơn tru hơn, tránh gặp phải lỗi the application was unable to start correctly 0xc00007b.

Nếu như bạn đang sử dụng ổ cứng HDD thì bạn nên thay thế sang ổ cứng SSD. Thực tế thì mình cũng đã gặp phải lỗi the application was unable to start correctly 0xc00007b do sử dụng ổ cứng HDD. Ổ cứng HDD thường xảy ra lỗi Full Disk đặc biệt là trên Win 10, Win 11. Từ đó nó sẽ gây ra tình trạng không mở được ứng dụng, mở ứng dụng lâu, thường xuyên xảy ra lỗi Win.

Do đó, mình đã tiến hành thay ổ SSD cài đặt lại Win và ứng dụng, từ đó đến bây giờ gần như mình chưa từng gặp lại lỗi the application was unable to start correctly 0xc00007b trên máy tính Windows của mình. Do đó, nếu như bạn đang sử dụng ổ cứng HDD thì mình khuyên bạn nên thay thế bằng ổ cứng SSD.

Go To The West To Enjoy The Specialty Fruits

Pinocchio You

It is known that Tac Cau pineapple has been over 70 years old. The name of Tac Cau pineapple is used to refer to the pineapple growing area on Tac Cau islet and neighboring areas along the banks of Cai Lon and Cai Be rivers (Chau Thanh, Go Quao districts, Kien Giang province) because of the same soil conditions. soil, climate.

Tac Cau pineapple has a very characteristic sweet taste, thus creating a famous pineapple brand in the South. Pineapple here not only enjoy fresh fruit, local people also process Tac Cau pineapple into many other attractive products such as pineapple juice, pineapple jam, pineapple cake, soft dried pineapple …

Durian Cai Mon

Ben Tre is not only known as the land of thousands of coconuts, it is also famous for a delicious fruit classified as one of the “King” fruits of the tropics, which is durian.

It can be said that there is no kind of durian that can be compared with durian in this land. Durian Cai Mon has a thin shell, white rice or chicken fat is wrapped around the small seed, the thicker the rice, the sweeter, fatter, and a characteristic aroma.

Forging Breasts

Hoa Loc mango

Lo Ren breast milk is the famous fruit brand of Tien Giang, the most famous is Vinh Kim place of Chau Thanh district. Every year, Lo Ren breast-feeding season usually starts from September and lasts until April next year. The characteristic of Lo Ren breast milk is very special. The breasts are very large and round. The largest fruit can be larger than a bowl of rice. The shell of the breast is light green in color, very shiny. When ripe, the skin turns purplish-purple or purple-green. When the fruit is cut, a little milky white water is released. The meat inside is very fragrant, slightly soft and has a refreshing sweet taste.


Besides Lo Ren’s milk breast, Hoa Loc Cai Be sand mango in Tien Giang is equally famous. Hoa Loc mangoes usually have an elongated, round shape, with a clear belly of the navel, sharp top of the fruit, and a round oval near the stem. Fruit peel when ripe bright yellow, thin skin, covered with fine white chalk, with small spots, dark brown color, round spots; The pulp is bright yellow, thick, firm, smooth, supple, low-fiber, and has a sweet taste.

Long An watermelon

Known as the most famous pomelo variety in the South, Nam Roi grapefruit has a beautiful shape, almost no seeds, succulent pods, sweet and mildly sour … it can be said, Binh Minh town of the province. Vinh Long is the most famous specialty of Nam Roi pomelo in the West.

Red tangerine Lai Vung

Watermelon is grown in popularity in many places, but Long An watermelon is considered a prominent specialty of the South West. Planted mainly in the districts of Moc Hoa, Vinh Hung, Chau Thanh … Long An watermelon is more famous than other places thanks to its characteristics of few seeds, thin skin, thick skin, red ripening. Split the watermelon in half, a cool, sweet fragrance faints. The piece of watermelon is sweet, less spongy, juicy, but also very crunchy to cool down the throat.

Strawberry Ha Chau

Located on the bank of Hau river, Lai Vung district, Dong Thap province has a plentiful fresh water source with chicken fat soil suitable for pink mandarin trees. The persimmon tree grown here produces a taste that is unmatched by any other place in the Mekong Delta. This product has beautiful appearance, striking color, eye-catching – orange-yellow, full, juicy, and delicious.

Phong Dien district in Can Tho is compared to the horticultural land of “white white rice with clear water” region. One of the famous specialties here is Ha Chau strawberry. Ha Chau mulberries do not have a red color like an oval, but are pale yellow when ripe. This strawberry has many inner zones like a bonnet but is more succulent, so it is softer, the seeds are larger and covered with a thin film that is always stretching as if it is about to break. Many people try it once and remember forever because it does not taste as sour as mulberry, nor is it as sweet as boneless but has a sweet and fragrant taste.


Đăng bởi: Vô Dụng

Từ khoá: Go to the West to enjoy the specialty fruits

Returning To Vinh Long, Ben Tre Experienced Going To The Monkey Bridge Once, Wearing A Ba Ba Shirt To The Pond To Slap Fish In The Garden

The West has been a rich land since ancient times with interlaced rivers filled with fish and alluvium, creating gardens of fragrant flowers and sweet fruits. Coming to the West to play is not only sitting on a boat to watch the cool canals, listening to the resounding folk music, or visiting the bustling floating market. But the memories of the West will be enriched with the monkey bridge across the river, fruit-laden fruit trees, and dinghy in peaceful tourist spaces.

Photo: Tien Vo, Nguyen Thanh Tuan

Garden ecotourism is increasingly developing in the Mekong Delta region with the popular model of planting fruit trees, releasing fish in ponds or canals. The form of tourism attracts visitors by its rustic and idyllic features. When coming here, visitors can experience entertainment activities and feel the Southern culture. It is this that makes ecotourism in the garden attractive not only to Vietnamese people but also to foreign tourists.

It will be extremely interesting to have the opportunity to come here, wear a traditional grandmother to participate in interesting folk games and then “roll up your pants” to go down the ditch, slap the pond to catch fish. You will become a real farmer when catching fish hiding in the water with your own hands. The model of ecotourism in the garden has become familiar with the large-area fruit orchards “storks flying straight”. This is considered a typical river culture that is rarely found anywhere else.

Photo: Jin Feng

Famous garden tourist areas

Vinh Sang eco-tourism area, Vinh Long

In the West, this is the most famous eco-tourism area in the region, located on An Binh island, with extremely cool and fresh air. Before rolling into interesting activities, visitors will be able to visit the orchard and enjoy fruit on the spot. After eating delicious fruits, you will be transformed into a farmer and play interesting games such as cycling over the monkey bridge, sliding grass and slapping the ditch to catch fish. The tourists will “wrestle” with snakehead fish, perch, catfish … in the ditch to enjoy the delicious taste from their own “fruits”. At the end of the day, you will hear Cai Luong songs, Southern folk music or take a walk along the island to visit traditional craft villages…

Lan Vuong eco-tourism area, Ben Tre

As a fairly prominent name in recent times, this resort is only about 5km from the center of Ben Tre. Although quite close to the central area, the space here is completely different, creating a feeling of relaxation for visitors. Going to the West of the charming river like this, visitors will enjoy the fresh air, watch the gentle rivers, ride a dinghy down the canal full of nipa palm groves. Visitors can also play challenging games on monkey bridges, or sit and sip on freshly baked sweet and fatty coconut candies along with many other Ben Tre delicacies. Not only enjoying the specialties of Ben Tre but also being immersed in the green nature in the idyllic countryside and participating in useful activities.

Photo: Phuong Van, Lan Vuong tourist area

Phu An Khang eco-tourism area, Ben Tre

Phu An Khang is a tourist area with a large fruit garden area and a variety of entertainment activities. This place is very suitable for you to relax and have fun with family, friends or organize collective activities for the company. The delegations who come here also visit the orchard and will be able to personally pick and enjoy delicious fruits. Can’t forget to enjoy the rustic and rustic meals from what you catch. As the perfect place to go in groups, you can participate in “teamwork” activities such as rowing canoe to catch ducks, slapping ditches to catch shrimp, catching fish, etc. in a Ba Ba dress like a local in the West of the main river. brand.

Photo: Phu An Khang KDL

Lang Be tourist area, Ben Tre

Lang Be tourist area is only 90km from Ho Chi Minh City, but it has a charming river scene of the Southwest region associated with the local people’s raft farming. When coming to play at Lang Be tourist area, visitors will immediately be “fascinated by many attractive games and peaceful natural scenery. There are still many interesting activities such as going to monkey bridge, swinging coconut boats, slapping water to catch fish, … so this place will be a “ticket” for you to return to your childhood. You will be able to enjoy this fruit in a delicious way with delicious rustic dishes such as grilled fish or cooking the “old” quality sour soup. More special than other tourist areas is that you can stay overnight because this place has a system of hotels in the tourist area, bearing the style of the river countryside.

Photo: Village raft resort

The experiences at these resorts will help you fully feel a very simple and peaceful West. Coming here, you will enjoy the fresh atmosphere of the West River region, comfortably have fun after hours of studying and working tired but just need to move during the day.

Đăng bởi: Tuấn Trần Võ Anh

Từ khoá: Returning to Vinh Long, Ben Tre experienced going to the monkey bridge once, wearing a Ba Ba shirt to the pond to slap fish in the garden

Queuing Up To Buy Sticky Rice Nuggets To Sip: The Autumn Trend Is Making Hanoi’s Young People Fall In Love

Hanoi these days, the weather is in the most beautiful autumn. The sky is high and clear, sunny and windy, true to the funny way that people say to each other: “If you don’t go out to play, it’s really a mistake with the weather”.

Not only going out to enjoy the beautiful autumn weather, this Hanoi also has an extremely interesting new trend that makes young people fall in love: Invite each other to buy sticky rice and then sit and sip coffee in the weather. Fall.

Inviting each other to buy sticky rice and then sit and sip coffee in the autumn weather is becoming a trend that makes Hanoi young people fall in love.

Walking around TikTok , you will always come across green clips, back to the scene of street vendors selling rice and sticky rice on the streets of Hanoi.

Every autumn in Hanoi, there is no sticky rice with sticky rice, even other seasons of the year can be bought.

But this fall, young people have made it a trend, when everyone is interested in “hunting” sticky rice, then invite each other to a corner of a rustic cafe while eating and sipping. a cup of egg coffee, a silver cup of coffee…

Many young people invite each other to buy sticky rice and then go to a cafe to sit and sip

Sticky rice with coconut, lotus seeds, fragrant green beans…

Indeed, no matter how many times you eat rice or sticky rice, every time Hanoi comes to autumn, you crave to buy and eat.

It is not only a delicious dish, a delicious dish, but also contains the atmosphere of Hanoi, the whole autumn of Hanoi that not everywhere can have. That is also the feeling that any Hanoians traveling far away will remember.

Packages of sticky rice in the autumn of Hanoi

Commodities and sticky rice are sold all over the street

Com has long become a dish with the flavor of Hanoi’s autumn

Com and sticky rice are sold in many places around Hanoi, especially in the old quarter. The lines that are attracting the youngest people are the sticky rice near the Cathedral, and the sticky rice on Ly Quoc Su and Chan Cam streets…

These are all delicious sticky rice, wrapped in green leaves, so they are much loved by young people.

Besides, if you want to buy delicious nuggets, you can also stop by Hang Than street, the place that sells famous green rice in Hanoi.

These days, people go to buy nuggets and sticky rice with a lot of people

The saleswoman carefully weighed and then wrapped it in leaves and lotus leaves

The rustic image exudes the autumn atmosphere of Hanoi

This fall, people are more in love with rice and sticky rice than ever before

Green rice sticky rice wrapped in green leaves

A rustic gift but wrapped in Hanoi’s autumn

Đăng bởi: Thái – NVT

Từ khoá: Queuing up to buy sticky rice nuggets to sip: The autumn trend is making Hanoi’s young people fall in love

2023] How To Find The Ip Address Of A Skype User (With Pictures)

5Find the person’s username. Under the “Skype” heading in the pop-up window, you should see a username; this is the name you’ll use to look up the person’s IP address.

On some versions of Skype, you may see the person’s username next to the “Skype Name” heading.

Finding the Username on Mobile

1Open Skype. Tap the Skype app icon, which resembles a light-blue Skype logo with an “S” in it. This will open the main Skype page if you’re already logged in.

If you aren’t logged into Skype, first enter your email address, Skype name, or phone number, then enter your password.

2Tap the Contacts tab. It’s in the bottom-right corner of the screen. This will open a list of your Skype contacts.

If you’re using a tablet, you’ll find the Contacts tab at the bottom of the screen.

3Select a contact. Scroll down until you find the contact whose IP address you want to look up, then tap the contact’s name. A conversation window for the contact will open.

4Tap the contact’s name. It’s at the top of the conversation window. Doing so prompts the contact’s profile window to pop up.

5Scroll down to the “PROFILE” heading. This option is in the middle of the pop-up window.

6Find the contact’s Skype name. Next to the “Skype Name” heading, you should see the person’s Skype username. This is the name you’ll use to find the person’s IP address.

Finding the IP Address

1Understand what an IP address is. An IP address is analogous to a mailing address. It can reveal information about a user’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) and geographical location, but doesn’t show sensitive or private information about the user themselves.[1] X Research source

2Make sure that the person is actively online. If you see a green Skype logo (or a green dot on mobile) next to their name, they are online and active.

If there isn’t a green icon or the icon is yellow, you won’t be able to look up the person’s IP address.

5Type in the person’s Skype username. Make sure that you enter this exactly as it appeared on Skype, taking into account any punctuation, capitalization, and so on.

7Review the results. After around 30 seconds, you should see a green box with IP information in it appear. You’ll be able to see the user’s current city and state, as well as their Internet Service Provider and any past IP addresses that they used with Skype.

Community Q&A

QuestionIf I find someone’s IP address, will I be able to find their actual address?Community AnswerWith most applications available to the public, I don’t think you can, but you might be able to get a specific city or neighborhood.

QuestionSomeone is blackmailing me, saying he will share my naked video. What can I do?Community AnswerReport the person’s IP address to the authorities/police.

QuestionI got someone that is blackmailing me right now, what should I do?Community AnswerYou could release whatever they’re blackmailing you for before they do, or you could get the police involved.


Make sure you report harassment or other harmful and/or illegal activity to your local law enforcement as well as to Skype.⧼thumbs_response⧽


Using someone’s IP address as a way to harass or extort somebody is illegal.⧼thumbs_response⧽

Farmers In Sa Dec Flower Village Are Busy In The Field Of Raspberry Chrysanthemums On The Days Leading Up To Tet

These days, Ms. Cao Oanh (living in Tan Khanh Dong commune, Sa Dec city) has put aside most of her work at the market to go home to help her husband take care of her raspberry chrysanthemum field which is in season.

As noted by Dan Tri , while the raspberry chrysanthemum gardeners in the area of ​​Tan Khanh Dong commune are still green or have little blooms, the flower fields of Ms. Oanh and her husband’s house are already golden.

“This year, my field of raspberry chrysanthemums has a good harvest. This type of chrysanthemum is long-lasting, can be displayed from now until the New Year. Therefore, the flowers that start to bloom early will attract traders to choose to buy early, they will see blooms. beautiful will buy a lot”, Mr. Huynh Van Hoang (husband of Oanh) happily.

Mr. Hoang said that each year his family earns about 200-250 million dong from a flower field of 4,000m2 with about 4,000 pots of raspberry chrysanthemum, a profit of more than 100 million dongs.

“Growing raspberry chrysanthemums is more economical than other chrysanthemums or flowers because they are strong, less prone to breakage, so easy to transport to distant provinces, so the purchasing power is greater. However, the care process is somewhat more extreme.” said the farmer.

The time to take care of a raspberry crop is about 7 months (from the full moon of May to December 19-20). On the days before the Lunar New Year, the field owners sometimes stay next to the flowers from morning to night. “Leased land for a year, but only used it for more than half a year to plant, family income is expected in the season of chrysanthemums and Tet holiday,” Oanh and her husband shared.

An interesting point in the fields of raspberry chrysanthemums in Tan Khanh Dong area are the stakes on the water surface instead of the ground. Farmers tend, harvest and transport flowers by boat.

According to Mr. Hoang, planting raspberry chrysanthemums on the water to easily absorb water on the spot, instead of having to drag the hose around the garden. This land was originally a crop field, and Hoang and his wife rented it and pumped water from the river branch into the field.

Not far from the field of Mrs. Oanh and her husband is the house of Mr. Cong Duc’s raspberry chrysanthemum garden (from Tan Khanh Dong commune). In the early days of January, the whole garden had 6-7 workers present to take care of and harvest flowers.

“Up to the time of Tet this year, cotton is not as blooming as in previous years. I just hope the whole garden can bloom in time to sell at a good price”, said the owner of Duc garden. Every year, by about December 25, Mr. Duc has sold out of flowers.

The whole garden has only one creek in the middle, farmers will use the sprinkler up high to irrigate.

Cong Duc’s entire garden is 5,000m2 wide, planted with about 6,000 pots of chrysanthemums of all kinds, most of which are raspberry chrysanthemums. This is the largest raspberry garden in the Tan Khanh Dong flower growing region.

According to the garden owner, with the large scale of flower growing by local households, it is possible that in the near future this place will be planned as a tourist flower village along with the current Tan Quy Dong flower village.

During the harvest time of raspberry chrysanthemums in Sa Dec, many tourists also come here to visit and take pictures. A group of students from Can Tho said that a few years ago, they often invited each other to the flower gardens in Sa Dec to play. “We like to go to the gardens in Tan Khanh Dong, all are raspberry chrysanthemums, not diverse and colorful, but not as crowded as in the tourist flower village of Tan Quy Dong,” said the group of friends.

The owner of Cong Duc garden said that he did not open a service to welcome visitors like in Tan Quy Dong flower village because he was afraid that crowded guests would damage the flowers. If guests came to ask to take pictures, he invited them in and told them to be careful.

The Sa Dec flower growing area is formed next to the branches of the Mekong River, one side is the Tien River, the other is the Sa Dec River. Two flows of alluvium deposit, creating suitable moisture for many types of flowers in this land. Intensive farming on the mound, on the rig, whenever the flood comes or the tide rises, people don’t worry about the flowers being flooded.

Cultivation of ornamental flowers (ornamental flowers) in Sa Dec city is one of the five agricultural restructuring industries of Dong Thap province. The area of ​​flower growing in this locality is more than 600ha, most concentrated in Tan Quy Dong ward, Tan Khanh Dong commune, An Hoa ward and Tan Quy Tay commune, with more than 2,000 households producing ornamental flowers of all kinds.

Near Tet, the flower pots here will be bought by traders throughout the West, to Ho Chi Minh City, Da Lat and to the North.

According (Dan Tri)

Đăng bởi: Bạn ấy Cute Lắm

Từ khoá: Farmers in Sa Dec flower village are busy in the field of raspberry chrysanthemums on the days leading up to Tet

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